Monday, January 23, 2012

How to make a Light Box

I have been investigating light boxes and how to make your own, and although I usually have boxes all over the place my DH decided to do a clean out and threw them all away. Well now to wait for a box that I could do something with. NOW a light went off or maybe on when I saw some plastic storage boxes, the large ones 55 litre that have lids and are on wheels that I store all my stuff in that I don't need for a while (or longer) and I did have 2 lights that are so old they are from the ark but they work! and so I got the lights out they are on little stands that bend and put them either side of the plastic white box put a sheet of white paper in the back of the box and along the bottom and voila I have a light box. It's not perfect yet as it does need some modification with where the lights are but it does make a difference to the colours.   Certainly still much better than without the box. Check out the colour of the background both these pick taken at the same time same camera one that has the yellow orange background didnt have the lights on. An amazing difference for colour.

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