Monday, April 27, 2009

Finished Daiper Cake

final pics of the Daiper Cake for the BBTB - PEGGY LOVES VINTAGE CHALLENGE. This has Peggys card on the top. What you may not be able to see is that it hold itself up as it is actually 4 cards the same split to fit together and form an x shape so it can be seen from each side of the cake. I have now wrapped the poles in 2 tone ribbon so they look more like poles on a carousel. The elephants, ducks giraffes and train are from the New Arrivals cart the top from Accent Essentials. I hope people like viewing this it was great fun to make and I am looking forward to making more.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


With the BBTB -PEGGY LOVES VINTAGE CHALLENGE I decided to use the very cute little Elephant card to top off the Daiper cake I made. The cake is made of rolled up daipers and topped with a carousel made from the baby bottles and cricut cuts elephant and duck from The New Arrivals cart. The canopy from Accent Essentials and hole punched to give a lace edging effect. There is also a wee train running round the bottom of the cake which is carrying giraffes as it's cargo.

I wanted to try a Daiper Cake. I had never heard of them and a few weeks ago I saw one on youtube and I couldn't get over how cute they looked and of course how useful they would be at a Baby Shower. Great ideas! Coralee from work is due in about 2 weeks so we are having a Baby shower and I couldn't resist making this.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Baby Shower

We are having a baby Shower for Coralee and here's the invite.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Autumn Box

I wanted to enter a competition for Autumn and it had to have a leaf. Hence the tree on the STB (squishy top box)
I also put speciality choc's in the bottom of the box. This is the stb I sent to Madge in the last post.
Here is my Autumn poem:
Autumn leaves upon the trees
Flutter down with just the breeze
Once were green, Now golden brown
Sit in piles on the ground

Days are getting shorter
A nip is in the air
Winter is not long away
When woollies we will wear.

But first the whistling wind we wait
Which will blow the leaves and create
Flurries of leaves swirling around
Blocking drains and cluttering the ground

Autumn is prelude to winter cold
When we will wish again for the leaves of gold
Thinking of glorious days in the sun
That summer gave us and now are done.

by Flo Hill-Rennie

My sister seemed really down so I made her a card and wrote her a poem. (I've dicovered popup cards). I then sent her a stb (squishy top box) with the tree and autumn poem and in the botom of the box is 4 speciality chocolates. As well I added an angel to look after her, hence the mention in the poem. Because the box looked so bare I made a 3d flower and put it on the top of the box and so it didn't get squished I made a little box from hard plastic and covered it and this is what you can see on the top of the box. Then it looked like it needed more so I added ladybugs and butterflies so it flew to her real fast.
My Poem for Madge

Madge I feel for you, not feeling great
And wish I could be with you, in less hours than eight
But know that I think of you, all of the time
And hence I am writing you, this little rhyme.

I made a squishy top box, cause I could
And I have put something in it, that’s good
I’ve also added, an angel to care
Simply cause, I can’t be there.

Now know that I love you, and think of you lots
Cause you’re usually the one, calling the shots.
Now you can look at my blog, to see what I do
Now you have to go, and make a blog too.

By Flo Hill-Rennie

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ribbon Box

Given a challenge by reading the message board I came up with this box after several tries as you can see by my blog. This one the top sits on the bottom with no tieing at all. I have done the box in George and the edging in Accent essentials and then threaded the ribbon through the top. I have in the box some speciality chocolates but it could be used as a ribbon box. The bottom is interwoven with the four base pieces to make it stronger.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I have been playing round with the squishy top boxes again this one is smaller and fits an 8inch page. It is on the latest .cut file I have uploaded.
Re the .cut files the first one I uploaded may not work in the US as the date format wont be right so I have changed the format so the one that is there now will work in both formats.

Wedding Anniversary Cake

Well I was on the Cricut site again today and someone had done a card that had a pop up centre. These have not really lit my fire till I saw the one today and went and had a look at the web site of a person who is so incredibily talented it is amazing. Check out the things he does with paper. This is oragami to the nth degree.

Anyway as you can download these things from the website I thought I would give it a go to make a wedding cake card. OMG I always hated origami because I couldn't do it and now I'm trying this!! Well it's just as well I don't swear too much and have a lot of patience as this is not as easy as it looks. It would be easier the second time round when you know which bits go where! But I did it!! The card id done!!!!

the Grandfather Clock

It was Noels birthday on the 29th March and I wanted to do something Just for him. I got the Kaiser clock and was wondering what I could do when inspiration hit me like a brick. We had not long become grandparents for the first time and our wee grandson is soo cute. I know I'm bias but I'm allowed to be! Well anyway I have lots of photos of him because he's in Canada and we are in New Zealand and I thought I would love to display them more and what better way than in lots of little holes and a clock remiding us that time ticks by. Well I started, and this was the result. I called it a grandfather clock as Liam made Noel a grandfather.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


the front cover on the left is from Doodle charms. I used 8 carts in all to complete this card for easter 2009 for Nana.

Pooh Font Characters

My first try at layering.

these are from Pooh Font

Easter Bunnies in A3

these are the easter bunnies I took to work to say Happy Easter 2009

Pooh & Friends

These are my 2 feet high Easter bunnies on my home office door.

Oh Pooh

This was my first Winnie the Pooh card. I played around with the honeypot font and didn't realise his shirt was suppose to be red.


This is my first ever post and blog. These are pics of a box I designed in CDS. I used the George cart and the pattern at the top is the snowflakes in Accent essentials. I have one box which doesn't have as big a top piece (not shown) and the pattern I put on another page so I could cut it with or without the pattern. The bottom is designed so it will be quite sturdy for something to go into the box. looking at yummy chocies at the moment. Pic taken with a candle inside. For those of you who want the cut file for the boxes I have uploaded instructions for the box file.