Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Birthday Card

The boss's birthday and no card!! Oh no! This card is made from 4 pieces of 12x24inch cardstock and the basketballer is 23inches high. The lettering is black letter and I have shadowed the inside lettering. The outside of the card I did with the frame in Black Letter and welded 8, 6" frames to make thwe outside window. The inside is blank to allow people to sign it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

cuttlebug dragon

well tried it in the wee little bug for embossing. tried to line up both the plastic sheets and didn't quite line them up properly as you can see. but overall as a trial I think it went really well. I used repositional glue tape to put the things together and to glue the dragons to one side and the outline to the other side of the folder. I used the a, b and c plates in the cuttlebug

Well I'm not sure if anyone has thought of this before but I needed to emboss the dragons onto the outside of my envelopes and I needed a way to do it. I have a friskers embossing plate which is a solid plastic plate that has 2 pieces of plastic on it both with the same cut outs. You slide your paper in between the 2 pieces of plastic and go round the edge with the embossing tool. Which is an awl with a round blunt end. So not letting anything go to waste I used the plastic from the cart packages put my 2 dino's up on the DS, placed my plastic on the cutting mat then chose 6 for the blade and max for the pressure and high speed and used the cut 4 times. I them carefully extracted the little dino's and used the outlines. By placing one over the other and lining them up then I held them together with a hole punch and pegs. I then put my paper between the plastic and used the awl to outline them.

Check this out. This is my firt trial so things should get better. yellow pic is trial the next is the envelope I made with the dragons on the back. next is to cuttlebug it

Monday, May 18, 2009

I've done it! 8 cards for a card swap

I have been working and working and I have finally finished the cards for a card swap. I did have a problem with the little lady and the dragon so I had to move her in some cards. The theme is oriental and I love dragons so I chose to write a poem on dragons, the pop up picture developed from there. The tree and the kimono lady pop up and the dragon has a blue jewel eye and I've used pop up dots of 2mm for the dragon the flower and the wee dragons on the inside of the card which hold the poem. On the outside of the card I have writen a verse and encased it in a frame.
The Poem
I’m just a wee little dragon
I don’t blow smoke or fire
I just want to protect you
From all things in life that are dire.

Dragons of the orient
Have a very kindly bent
Its walking, sleeping and breathing they say
Determines; seasons and weather, night and day.

Oriental mythical dragons could fly
Even without wings
They had the power to shape shift
Into many things.

The dragons of the orient
To the people were benevolent
All the bad things they would chase
To make the people world a happier place.

Now in this card are dragons
They don’t blow smoke or fire
They are here to protect your friendships
So your friendships never expire.
By Flo Hill-Rennie

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I saw some cards with spirals and wanted to try this. Got home and got out the bug then had to go to the MB to get some help. A lady Tanya from Canada gave me some awesome instructions and hence this is my first ever effort of a spiral card. also has a popup flower. Many thanks to Tanya for all her help.

Pink Pop up flower Card

I found how to make 3d flowers on a you tube video and used the cricut to make the cutouts. I found the way to put them together as a pop up card on scrappedlives (by Carla Schenk) which is one of the blogs I follow. They fold into the card and pop out when opened.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bright ideas usually are inspired from someone else. In this case I saw a telephone message pad and thought I would try to make one. I have used the handset from one of the cricut carts and a square elongated from George. welded and fiddled around and have come up with this. When the handset is down it looks like a funny looking phone. When the handset is lifted there is a message pad to write messages on.
It's still under development for some phases.

Monday, May 11, 2009

These are triangle boxes the first cut file I ever did. Now have to develop them.
I better explain as from the emails I have received on this people realise I have a candle in the left one. The candle is a plasitc tea light candle that has a battery and flickering flame that is not an open flame, but looks very like one when you are looking at them in the boxes.