Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another take on the CA callendar

I decided to do another callendar for the CA challenge I wanted something for my desk and I love flowers so I made a flower garden. All the flowers ribbon and leaves I had in my embellishments file just waiting to be used.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The challenge is to make a Calendar

The challenge is to make a Calendar. Over at Crafters Anonymous there is a challenge each fortnight and this fortnights challenge is to make a callendar. Well this is my take on the project.My DD and SIL have been married 3 years and I have made them this card.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Clam Shell Box

This is the top of the box. I closed it with eyelets which I threaded ribbon through.

The side I embellished with flowers from the SU boho blossoms punch with an eyelet through. I did the eyelets last and should have done them before I put the flowers on the box. On the inside of the box I used another SU punch to scallop the inside box at the top and put in some sweet things.

This is a Clam shell box we did on Monday night at Crafters Anonymous.
This is a little different from another one I have also seen and slightly easier. I decided to embellish it with eyelets and got my centre wrong on one of them. I do like little boxes and this one is such a surprize.

Bag for a birthday

The front of the bag and card I did for a colleague at work for her birthday.
This is what was on the back and a pic of the shoes tag and shoes on the front.

I love it with the little pearls on the shoes. The bag is from Cricut Forever young as is the tag and shoes. Such a cute wee gift.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Another little thank you bag.

I wanted to say thank you to my boss. She generously allowed me to do a study day and worked on the ward so I could go. I wrote her a poem and made her this little box which I put in 4 little bags of multi coloured chocolate drops and 2 coffee bags.
the poem went like this:
To xxxxx
Thank you, doesn’t seem enough,
When you went through, all that stuff
Just so I could say,
“I’ve done a culture safety day”.

I heard you worked into the night,
Because the staffing was so tight,
And then came back at 3am to say,
I’ll help out until its day.

I’ve spent time and made you a gift
In the hope it will give you a lift,
And to let you know, I appreciate
All the trouble you went to, on that date.

Many thanks,

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sometimes its hard to tell if less is more.

How do you know when 'Less is More' I entered a challenge on CA Crafters Anonymous to swap ATC's. I made 10 and so I thought I would take pictures at each stage so if I wanted to replicate them again I would be able to see what I had done. Also, sometimes I find, I think the last stage I added should not have been added and I would have been happier without it. This has been a great exercise as although I will not replicate this again exactly I will colour this stamp again. The stamp I used was the flower from StampinUp "Happiness Shared" and is a beautful stamp and sentiment I recently purchased. If you like this stamp set I am a SU demonstrator and you can check out my StampinUp blog Oh So Many Crafts with this link. I am always happy to take orders or do workshops for those in the Tauranga area.

The ATC's finished including the glitter. You can also see the chalked background on the one on the right more as there is a shadow on the card.

I started with yellow on the rose thinking to highlight the lighter areas then green on the leaves.

I added a darker green to the veins on the leaves and really liked this look.

I added the pink and then the darker pink in the shadows

then I added regal rose. it was a bit darker than I had thought and I wondered about this step

But I went to sleep on it and decided that I should ink the background but decided to chalk the background with a very pale blue chalk. this makes a huge difference when you see them.
Then I added the glitter and that was the pic I started with.
Thanks for looking, give it a go.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Mondays On line class

Over at crafters anonymous we have an on line class on Mondays and this is what I made at tonights class. There are some awesome boxes and really pretty ones. I just felt a bit bugged tonight. This is from the SU stamp set bugs and kisses.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Punch Art Koalas from Annes Class

I did Anne Brignals punch art class last Monday and this is what I came up with. Isn't it amazing what you can do with circles.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ebony's layout

The scrap page layout for Ebony was done at Stamp Camp. We were doing a page which is brayered on DSP the centre was cut out and the insert behind the centre was rolled. The page was then decorated with die cuts from SU flower dies. The title is made on the Cricut from the Hello Kitty font cart.

In Memory of Ebony

I had to have my cat Ebony (Ebi) put down as he had broken his back. Ebony came to live with us when he was just 4 weeks old and a fluffy ball. Trying to decide on a name I said he was as black as ebony. That then became his name. He was a very loving cat and purred very loudly and when I wasn't well would plonk himself on the part of me that was sore wether it be my chest or my knees. He was often a heavy weight although he was not a heavy cat but his purring would generally make whatever part of me that hurt feel better. I believe it is called resonance treatment. Some years ago we realised he had seizures and although they shook him he was ok after them so we just kept going and hoped that he would not fall off something high when he had one. Well Ebony has been getting older, he was 18 now, and before christmas I took him to the vet to find out what was wrong as he was looking very sad. After x-ray and a though check over it was found that he was constipated as he had arthritis so badly in his back and hip that he couldn't sit properly to poop. Well some laxatives and some pain relief and he felt like a young cat again climbing all over everything. This may have been his demise as we believe thinking he could climb anywhere he had climbed onto the china cabnet had a seizure and fallen and in the fall broken his back. He did not meow he just sat in front of the fire place and did not move. for 3 days I fought with myself to take him to the vet but finally got the courage to find that messages to go to his brain but not back he had completly broken his back and it was time for him to go to a place where he would no longer be sore. I stayed with him as the vet shaved is leg and anserted the needle and he purred to the very last. The vet put him in a lovely box casket with flowers for me to bring him home and my darling hubby dug a place for him under the big tree outside our lounge. Ebi did love resting in the garden. RIP Ebony.

Travel Set

This is a box and card for someone about to travel. The box ix big enough to put stuff like mini shampoo, conditioner, handsoap and body wash in so it is a very handy gift. I made this at Stamp Camp this last weekend and I love the sponging techniques and the spritz techniques. The Stamp is from SU.

Valentines treat

This is a yummy little Valentines treat we made at the weekend of Stamp Camp. using the colour the srtamp with markers technique and putting goodies in a cello bag. The bags were a bit long but rather than cut them down I tucked it in one more fold.

Double Step album

This is the front of the double step card album we made at Stamp Camp. the outside bug-butterfly is made from punch art.

the inside has 3 larger areas you can put pics on and heaps of smaller areas. I am going to remove the bug from the front and make this into another album but you will have to wait till I get the pics done.

The amazing thing with this album is that the 3 larger areas have journaling blocks behind them in pockets and these will be put to good use in this album.

Card with Easter Blooms

This is a truely beautiful card. There are many techniques in it. Sponging on an embossed background, spritz in gold, faux stitching, and colouring with blender pens. Also the die cuts from the SU butterfly emboss and die cuts. There are also very tiny pearls on the centres of some of the flowers. The punch edge looks lovely under the card strip with the ribbon. Also if you look closely you will see we have punched out a sentiment in clear perspect and have stamped it and tucked it in at the top.

Stationary set

This is the Pizza box type stationary box we made and in it went:-

All this stuff. A note book

Push pins and a little box to keep them in. the tops were made with crystal effects.

Paper clips with tops done again with crystal effects and bling, an eraser wrapped in DSP. You can see I have used mine already.

and lastly mini bulldog clips wrapped in DSP.

What a wonderful gift this would make for someone.