Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chickens in the bird house

Decided to put some chicks in the bird house to show how you can showcase it.

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Eclips Teapot

From the Albums bags and boxes cartridge for the Eclips here is the Teapot. It has a removable lid and stands approx 5 1/2 inches tall or 13.5cm. This was cut at 11.75 which the book says should produce a height of 4.73 inches so mine is .75 inch higher than it should be, not quite sure why. It has embellishments that you can cut with it and I used 2 of these to stencil the outside rather than just stick them on. It is a nice size 'box' for a gift if you wanted to give someone some specialty teas.

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The Owl box from the Eclips

I loved the little Owl box on the Eclips cartridge Albums bags and Boxes 2 and although it said I should cut it at 12 inches I didn't want to be bothered getting out my big mat so I re-sized to 10 inches which finished is 8cm or 3 1/8 inches. It is a little box and the top and bottom come apart and are able to go back together again. As I was only playing I just used one color of card stock. I hear people say at times oh I don't have the right color but so often as I have done here I used a white ink and a brown ink and got a cute wee box that you can see all the parts on because of the inking. The box is 2 inches deep so it can hold quite a bit.

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Bird house with eclips controller

I got the cartridge called Albums bags and Boxes 2 for the eclips as I love 3d paper crafting. Well having used my Eclips with the Ecal software and having a ecraft with ecraft-pro and the family of Cricuts' with Cricut design Studio, CCR and the gypsy, I have I just assumed that I would be able to access the cartridge via the machine in the Ecal software. OOOPs not so! so I had to do a swift learning curve on how to use the controller. Well on the premise that if you push enough buttons enough times something is bound to happen I finally got control of the controller. Now for those of you who don't know the Eclips the controller is a gadget that you put your cartridge in and can pick from the cartridge what you want to cut. It is a very clever little gadget and you can select the size height or width you want to cut but it gives you the ideal from their point of view. Well I wanted to do the bird house which turned out quite easy. It is a little box and you can open the lid and close it again so it will make a lovely cute box for Easter eggs and little birds. Wanting to play with my Stampin Up stamp that is a wood grain background I inked the stamp and laid the bird house sides onto it. which gave me the wood grain lines. The Eclips cuts the scallops in the roof and I just inked these to give it some definition. I love that it is a real box that can open and close.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Decorated White Board

My grandie loves drawing so I got a whiteboard for her. She will draw on it when she comes over 'to Nana's house'. She loves the ABC song and can now sign it all the way through but at 2 1/2 I wondered just how many of the letters she would recognize so I made her a board with all the letters on. I then wanted to put their names on the board so they could learn to recognize their names and used the cricut cart 'Folk art festival' to do their names. All the letters and shadows are done in vinyl. Love the intricate shapes in the font. Tyler loved it and proceeded to draw all over the board.  The alphabet letters are done in Cricut Alphabet font 1.
One of the things that I loved doing this was the bits left behind from the Folk art festival letters make lovely deco's for other things.
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Monday, February 18, 2013

Birdcage card from Creative Cards

On CCR they have allowed the Creative cards to be used for this week. Here is the card I made with this cartridge.
when cut on the mat

Used a stamp set from a scrap booking magazine, brads hold the bird cage with cotton wrapped between them and the rest came from Creative cards the edges have been inked . I have uploaded this as a project on here. If you scroll down through the project on you come to the project files and click on window card.ccr and it will download the CCR file for you.
Melody Lane has done a video on this and you can find it here or click the video below. My thanks to Melody.

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