Monday, August 30, 2010

Limited Supply Challenge

On opening my email I saw a Limited supply challenge. I love a challenge! Earlier tonight I made a recipe apron and looking at the criteria I thought this would be a great to see if I could do it with the limited supply challenge. Criteria-Create a card or project that contains only the following items and no others,
one neutral colour for your card base white ivory black brown or craft
2 different colours of card stock
1 patterned paper
3 buttons
1 colour ribbon
as little or as many images as you like.
well I used white for the base cardstock then an inside layer of old olive and used a SU DSP for the front of the apron. The rose pink cardstock I used for the frill at the bottom the top of the pocket and the sentiment. I used folders of old olive with stamps to show what is in each folder.

Lisa's Apron Card

Lisa from Crafters Anonymous took us through this Apron Card tonight. It is very simple but very effective and would make a wonderful gift. I could see it being a awesome mans card with tools etc as well. Many thanks to Lisa for her ideas.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sponging with Paula

Today we made a sponged background I love the way the colours blend when you sponge them and this was my effort at sponging today.

Recycle challenge

What better way to recycle the diaper cake cutouts than to put them on a scrap book page for her future albums. Before and after. The Fairy godmothers hung from the arch over the diapers the words were around the bottom of the tray and the babies were all over the cake and on the arch.

Another house

with this house I embossed bricks on the house and sponged it to give it some varience in colour. If you look carefully you can see the embossing that I have tried to make look like brick. I used the scor-pal to do the embossing on the house. The Village keeps growing.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Birthday Card for Regan

This is a birthday card for Regans 1st birthday. Done in a bit of a hurry for J&J to take with them I have just realised I forgot to put a number 1 on it. Well never mind I do think it is cute. The bee and the hive are from CAC and the lettering is from Cake basics. for the sparklie pink card I used a premade card from the Warehouse that was sparklie. Made the card and used a gate fold with the scor-pal layered the inside then it looked a little plain so I used the scor-pal to emboss diagnal lines to give it some depth.

The Village is Growing

The Village

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Village Church

My village now has a church. No bell in the tower yet.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Doodling with markers Butterfly card

Bon Voyage Card

I designed this card for and the way I made it is on that blog but I thought I would post some pics on here as well.

The card is a pop up card and there are 3 banks of waves that pop up, the whales are on the back of the card and the dolphins are in the waves. The background I made by sponging 3 shades of blue and 3 shades of yellow.

more boxes

more boxes

Monday, August 16, 2010

Impossible Box

Impossible box for CA added a butterfly to add dimention. Have made a cut file which is now under my cut files for the larger box.

Fathers Day Card

A Fathers Day card from CA

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Winter woodland house

I have wanted to make all the houses on the winter woodland cart but have just started and this is my first effort. Cut at 10 inches this one is quite awesome to behold. I was going to cut the liner in Yellow but din't have enough for all the houses to do this so cut it in white and used stampin up inks and stamps to put items in the windows. first I used 2 shades of yellow paler one at the top of the window opening so it looked like there was light inside then I stamped in the window opening. I used the window dressing stamp set and the technique of reverse stamping to do the reverse people and the window shutters. I love how it has turned out so far and it makes a wonderful start to my village.

Friday, August 13, 2010

New Signature

Today I am learning how to do a signature for my posts

but does this one sparkle
glitter -

this one does

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Stack Emboss Technique

This is a new technique that I did when making a background in Aluminium foil (al foil) once I had done it I needed a name for it and being on Crafters Anon I asked one of the ladies what to call it. Well Lyn Fox came up with 'stack emboss technique' so this new technique because it was like a sandwich but it wasn't the same each side so Lyn thought of a stack so I will call "Stack embossing'. Thanks Lyn for your help.
This is a new technique that I did when making a background in Aluminium foil (al foil) I wanted the dots but I wanted the lines as well from the two different embossing folders so what I did was put the 2 folders on top of each other with the al foil between. when I double embossed the al foil it split and it didn't when I stack embossed it. I used the dots folder cuttlebug little miracle and the wood door from another embossing folder (unnamed). I used the emboss side for each of the folders to get this background.
stack embossed al foil
Here is the background and how I made it.
folders sis by side
Take 2 folders 2 folders
Put the al foil between them. I used the emboss side of each of the folders. Run them through your cuttlebug. You now have a background piece of Al foil.

I made a card for fathers day and for it I made an origami shirt and tie. I put them on the card and this is how they looked.
It looks lovely but I felt it needed something else so I made the background above and this is how it looks now.
I am hoping to post how I did the shirt and tie soon.