Sunday, January 15, 2012

Card making on a budget

My blog is for the things I do so I can look back over them. But I received this card from my sister, she has a lot of talent but not a lot of money at the moment and so I gave her a baby bug to play with. As she is in that dreaded learning phase and not wanting to ruin good papers and cardstock she used magazines to cut and form this card she sent to me. She has done stamping and cricut cuts and has added sparklie paper and part of a doily.
I see many people who think they can not make cards as they don't have the money to get the 'fancy papers' but this just shows the love, time and effort that has gone into this card makes it a very special gift. Receiving this card makes me realise that I am a very lucky person. Sis I love you heaps you always make me feel better when I am down and make me realise how grateful I am to have a sis like you.

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