Thursday, July 22, 2010

My first Cake

My first cake:- I bought a chocolate sponge and filled it with fresh cream and strawberry jam. I covered the cake in vanilla frosting then covered it in fondant. The fondant rolled out well and went on well but because I couldn't squish it into the side of the cake there was not a smooth side. I used the EDPD cart to cut the babies on the side and for their outfits I did 2 colours of pink fondant. If I do this again I need to make the coloured pieces I add much smaller. Welcome Home was cut from Basic Cakes and Tyler from Alphalicious. The babies have their hair painted with cocoa and a bow in their hair. Round the bottom of the cake is a scallop edging from Basic cakes cart. This was because the cream didn't beat well and started to run out the bottom. I didn't like the way the faces cut but haven't got my edible inks for the printer yet. The fondant baby is from a mold and I have painted the hair.

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