Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ginger Bread Men

No not that there isn't any Ginger Bread women but I just didn't think to make skirts. He is my first effort at gingerbread men ever. I have made cookie cutter biscuits but never Gingerbread. The mix was a packet mix so I cheated there and it came with a cutter. I love chocolate so of course I had to decorate with chocolate and then I wanted to put little coats on them so out came the cricut cake and the red fondant and voila here are my little gingerbread men with little red coats. They have fruit and chocolate sprinkles for their eyes and the first lot of mouths and for the last 7 I used cut pebbles for their mouths and the larger sprinkles for their eyes. The jacket on the paper dolls cart I cut at 5inch doll size and it fit ok. I did turn the collar down and that made it a bit better but the paper dolls are a different shape. The way the coats are cut is because I have a gypsy to place them on the virtual mat where the fondant is this saves a lot of time trying to work out where they would cut. that is why I have added the pics of the red fondant cuts.


  1. Your gingerbread men turned out so cute. My mouth is watering. This is a great idea for the holidays to keep the kids busy. Thank you for sharing.

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