Monday, July 5, 2010

flowers with butterfly for patients

I decided to make my patients something so I used the flowers created in AE and made a butterfly from sentimentals. the butterfly has the cutout parts of the top under the wing so I didn't waste any paper. Someone asked how these were made. I cut 3 flowers the larger one 2 inches the next 1.5 inches the last 1 inch then put them together and placed them on a flower the 2 inch size that had leaves attached, I curled the petals the same way you would curl curling ribbon and placed a brad or gem in the center. The butterflys I cut from sentimentals but you could use any butterfly and then I bent the wings up and glue lined it to the flower. You could put this on a card but I just gave them as is.


  1. Beautiful you did a wonderful job tfs

  2. These are beautiful, I wonder if you can share instructions. I am also a Nurse (Nurse Practitioner), this would be great congratulatory ornament for my OB pts after they deliver. Thank you for sharing