Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cake Machine

Well having the cricut cake ment that I had to try it. So I played around with some pastry sheets. This is a great way to craft if you make a mistake with paper you have to throw it away but with pastry and fondant all you have to do is need it up and roll it out again. Hopefully I will acually finish something but I will need to make it for someone else as after making it I won't want to eat it. Now I had to use the lappy to update the cricut cake as the desktop had too many things in usb's and the program didn't like it, but it went fine on the lappy. I used crisco to glue the pastry sheet down and med speed and pressure. when I put it to low pressure it didn't cut right through the pastry. hence 'best' cut twice didn't turn out so well. As its now midnight I just put it all in a bag and sucked all the air out but forgot the bag machine is quite powerful so it sucked everything downflat so I will need to start over again but that's not a problem. The cuts are from elegant cakes done with CDS. I am well pleased with my first try at using the cc.

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  1. This looks awesome Flo. Mum wants me to make her a pie using CC. It's on my list of "to do".