Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pigs in mud birthday cake

I saw a pic on face book and just loved the idea. It was a cake and it had little pigs on the top. It was my birthday last week so I decided that as my 2 darling GD's were coming over I would make the cake for my birthday. Well I bought the cake and of course it had to be a mud cake. When I got it home I squashed the chocolate on the top used pettinice icing to make the pigs and voila this is my creation. It was good enough for my DGD of 2 1/2 to recognize the pigs. One pig has wings so I could say "pigs can fly" but this one looks like it crashed landed.
rolling the coloured icing into balls to make the piglets

Pigs can fly I gave this one wings but he looks a littl under the weather

the pigs in the mud surrounded by the choc finger fence

oops escape artist

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