Monday, December 17, 2012

Cricut Sweet Tooth Boxes Store

I wanted to do the store from Sweet tooth boxes so as its Christmas and I needed something to put a presie or cupcake in I decided to make the store from sweet tooth boxes. Madge's Creations has a few of these, Madge is my sister and BFF and we chat about what we make all the time. I have made a video on how I put this together. I added extra eves on the front and back. take a peek and let me know what you think. Well kind thoughts anyway.

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  1. Love it. You get the very small cuts so strong. eg my 'sign' is always very delicate and does not always 'stay together' am I doing something wrong?? I like the idea of using paper and layering it on card. Did you do the sign the same way? When I cut the box out small (6 or 7 inch) the word Sweets does not cut well?? hope you can help with my questions as I just love the sweet treet boxes cart too.

  2. Madge I know your frustration although the book recommends you cut the store at 10 inches this gives you a 3.5 inch box I cut my box at 6.25 (which is height and gave me a 2 5/8 box) so my cut were smaller that was probably desired for the small intricit cuts like the sign post. with this box the reason I cut at this size was so I could weld 2 together on my gypsy and just use one piece of 12x12 cardstock. You would see on the video that the cricut didn't cut right to the edge of the 12x12 paper and I worked this to my advantage using the extra for the tabs bits that glue the store together. I do find you have to know what blade depth speed and pressure cut best on your cardstock to get a good cut. Remember if you want an intricit cut, if you lower the speed you increase the pressure the machine applies so sometimes you need to lower your pressure as well as the speed to get a good cut. Make sure your mat has a good stick on the surface clean it with a baby wipe after scraping it down. Also make sure you have a sharp blade and that it is clean often fluff builds up on the blade and people don't realise they should take out the blade housing and push the blade down to check for paper fluff. Hope this helps. Flo