Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Card holder

Well I was cleaning the white boad my DGD uses to draw on today and decided the back of it needed something more than being just bare so I decorated it as a card holder. Can be used for messages, Christmas or birthday cards, business cards, photos Materials required Plain notice board- could be cork board, white board, piece of thin wooden board, corrugated plastic. One that has an edge is good so you can put the paper up against it. You can chose any size just cut paper to suit. I used the back of a white board which now doubles as a card holder as well as a white board. (White board purchased from Warehouse Stationery, this has an edge which I used to butt the paper up to). Papers from Crafters Choice Cute Christmas stack 12x12 used here or any paper that you like. Paper can be chosen for a special occasion like birthday, anniversary etc Double sided tape Elastic Stapler with staples Decide what papers you would like to have on your board and where you want them to be. This can be done by just placing them on your board to start with. You can cut them to size if that is required. When you are happy with the way they look put double sided tape on the underside edges of each of the pieces of paper. Remove the backing from the double sided tape and place on the board to make the pattern you want. Use elastic cut to approx 2/3 the length and width and staple it in place at the side of the board so you have a bit of stretch when you staple it to the opposite side. You can put your elastic on either vertically and horizontally or diagonally. I chose to put mine on vertically and horizontally and to do it unevenly. This is totally your choice. Use as much elastic as you need to make as many ‘strings’ as you want to hold your cards. I used 6mm black elastic. You can embellish the crossovers or leave them plain. free glitter text and family website at

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