Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mama cat take the hint

About 3-4 weeks ago a small dark tortishell cat decided to come into my home, in she waltzed through the cat door and helped herself to a feed and sat down and cleaned herself. I thought at first she was my cat as I have a very fat dark torti cat I inherited from someone who could no longer have her and she is almost the same colour except that Beauty is a very fat cat who looks like "cheshire cat". Well as the little cat appeared to come from nowhere and had already visited my daughter next door and none of the neighbours owned her and se had picked my place to come to I decided one more cat wasn't going to make much difference I only had 2. Well as she seemed to have a problem scratching I decided to take her to the vet and well yes there will be a few more pussy cats soon. She has obviously been dumped as we live in a rural area some 350 metres off the road. Well after finding out she is not a baby like I thought but probably 5 years old and she is soo cute and fluffy well how special to be chosen to be the home of such a cute wee thing. Well now te vet said she would have 4-5 kittens in about 2 weeks but her 2 weeks is up and she doesn't look like she is ready yet so after making her a special box I covered it in very bright paper. Not sure its not too bright but she is still habiting the box a lot of the time. Well I thought I might give her a hint so I made some cats from the Cricut Meow cartridge. you have to look quite close as it is very busy paper but they did turn out cute.The clock is just to let her know 'its time!'

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