Monday, August 13, 2012

Baby shoes

These baby shoes are very cute and I have been doing a lot of baby things as I am expecting a new DGD very soon. The upper ones are cut from the Bundle of joy project on and the lower ones from the CTMH Cricut Artiste cartridge. They are a bit tricky to put together as I did cut them quite small. the upper ones come with a liner to cover the bottom but on the lower ones I there was no liner so I added one but forgot to add 2 (maybe I have foot in mouth LOL) but it would be quite easy to cut a liner a little smaller to cover the tabs that you can see in the picture. In the bottom ones they also have small holes to thread ribbon through I just havent done this as yet as these were practice ones. Gota love practice ones. I also realised after I had cut them there is a little strap for the bottom ones. Maybe I need to read the book before I cut them again. Makes for more practice.

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