Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Iris Folding Vase

Last night on Crafters Anonymous we did Iris folding. This is a very easy technique when you know how, having said that untill you actually see someone do it the concept can elude you. There are some great videos on youtube some of which actually tell you what the concept of the iris folding is all about. Now having woffled in the 2 cards above the vase has the iris folding and of course being a vase I had to put flowers into them. The card on the left is a flower cut from the net that came with a boquet of flowers I got when I got my new car a couple of months ago and the flowers in the second card were just a strip of paper that I cut into and rolled up like a quilling flower and spread out. I have taken some close up of the flowers on the second card as these were done with little strips of paper and a pair of sissors in about 5 minutes. The leaves were cut from a folded piece of cardstock which I then folded to create the veins in the leaves.

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