Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cricut Easter 1020 3d basket

I made lots of flowers and wanted a basket to put them in. This is the 3d basket from the Cricut Easter 2010. I love the basket, I cut it at 8.5 inches and the create a crittwers at 2 inches. The basket has a handle which looks like it should have a flower and leaves on it but there are none on the cart that match. Also when I put it together I found that the bottom was too wide and I had to cut it and put a fold it it. This worked well as I had made it quite big but a smaller one may not work if this is a problem with the cut although I have not noted that anyone else has noted this. I will cut some more and report back if this is a once only. You could of course put any flower on the top but I am surprized that it has not got one on the cart itself. Still it is cute!.

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