Monday, January 17, 2011

Bloopers and fixes (sometimes)

I thought I would do a post on my little Create a Critter cuts and I would explain how things sometimes don't turn out right.

Ok with Kitty above he's not too bad but as you can see you can see little bits of white round the edges of the cut. This is because I didn't trim some of it and secondly I cut these with the imagine using white cardstock and colouring it with the Imagine. This can be fixed if you ink the edges before putting the little critter together and carefully either sanding the edges or triming with fine sissors. These little critters are 2 inches tall so although the photos pic up the inacuracies when you look at them they are not that easy to pick up.

Little Pig has a piece that I didn't quite get in his mouth which needs attention but I thought it interesting that this is the same critter taken on 2 different backgrounds. When making cards or pages the colours you use can enhance or detract from objects depending on background colours and sometimes its good to lay your things out and take a look at what different backgrounds do for the finished product.

Now frog needed a bit of a trim but the important thing here is his cheeks are black! that was because I got confused when colouring them on the Imagine and thought the circles were the owls eyes so made them black instead of pink. Also you can see I used a liquid glue and the glue has squeezed out from the cheek on the left and you can see it. It is not obvious at all when you look at the critter but it does show in the picture. Also I used 2 different colour greens on the Imagine and I had thought one was much paler but when they printed they are very close in colour. Some people do colour swatches with their Imagine to check these things but I just go for it and look at the result.

With Rabbit a little trimming wouldn't go amiss but again the background makes a big difference.

the different backgrounds here on little bear, pick up the different colours in the pattern I used. The green seems to highlight the green flowers the blue the blue ones. The pattern is very tiny and when just looking at the little bear it looks like a finely patterned paper. Check the pic of all of the critters below.

Now Owl was a blooper and a big one. I have made owl several times and always wondered why his wings don't fit so well and why one is bigger than the other. Well that is because they are not his wings they are the leaf part to the apple! It wasn't till I had a real good look at the picture that I realised this. Now again I put the beak on, and this time I need to move it slightly and I had liquid glue on it and the glue has changed the printed colour on the cardstock. This is something with the Imagine you have to realise that the colour is printed and will react to wetness of any sort. I didn't have the pieces lined up well so I thought I would ink the edges to camoflage it and then I thought I would put some ink round his beak. the blush on his cheeks seemed to turn out ok but I am not sure about round his beak. The areas where the glue was didn't pick up the ink quite the same.

I am being hyper critical but often when I see videos and pics of cricut cuts and they look so perfect, look like they go together so easily and they never have any problems. Having gone through all the little things that could be improved when you see them close up here is the pic of the same little critters and they don't actually look to bad at all, maybe that is why when I look at videos I don't see the flaws and problems. I just thought I would post this as so many people say to me how much difficulty they have making things that are perfect. The critters have been cut at 2 inches and the photo is taken on a 6x6 piece of paper.

Hope you enjoy my critters as my goal is to make all of them.

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