Friday, January 7, 2011

Angelas Card

This is the ourside of Angelas card. My cards always have a subtle meaning and this one is:- I am the wise old owl of 2B and Angela is the little bird flying to ED where her new job is. I am pleased for her as she wanted to work in ED and that had been one of her goals so I added You did it. the mushrooms well everyone knows there are times in ED when she will come across magic mushrooms LOL. Inside is the poem I wrote especially for Angela.
I’m not sure if you realise sometimes I write rhyme,
Especially for my colleagues when there’s a special time.
Well today is Angela’s last on this ward,
And we hope you haven’t been bored.

Now Angela joined us some time ago,
A fledgling nurse like a startled doe.
But Ange has developed her nursing skills,
And nurses patients with complicated ills.

When she comes to work no matter what shift,
There’s a smile on her face, if you get my drift.
She is always bright and cheery,
I’ve never known her to be bleary.

Angela is beautiful inside and out,
Of that fact there is no doubt.
The patients love her and hard it’s been,
Coming on after a beauty queen.

Angela is a confident hard working nurse,
Cheerful and bright and never averse,
To helping her colleagues when they are busy,
And never getting in a tizzy.

Angela related over a cup of tea
How her goal was to work in ED
What’s stopping you I said to her,
Reply-The taking of blood and putting in luers.

Off to a course in phlebotomy,
To learn to attack patients arms properly.
And now she is competent in another skill,
She’s added phlebotomy to her arsenal.

Now Angela stands up for her rights,
Woe betide you get in her sights,
She will argue from a knowledge base,
And she will do it to your face.

Angela is a wonderful advocate,
She cares for people and that is that.
She will go that extra mile,
and she always does it with a smile.

But little fledglings learn to fly,
And that is when they say good bye.
But you can never forget where you began.
Because we were the beginning of your plan.

Now I’ve got to bring this to an end,
So I don’t drive you round the bend.
Angela we love and will miss you a heap,
But we know you have to take this leap.

So Angela what we are saying,
Is that we are sad you are not staying.
But we understand your need to grow,
Just don’t forget to come and say hello.

Angela what we need you to know
If ED doesn’t make you glow
If you find in your heart you don’t like ED
Remember you’re welcome back in 2b
An original poem by Flo Hill-Rennie
Card made with the Imagine from Nursery Tails cartridge

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  1. I love it! That's so special :)
    You are a very talented lady, and the cupcakes look great too!