Saturday, December 25, 2010

Santa from Paper Dolls

This Santa face was cut from the Christmas Cartridge and is about 8" wide by 10" tall

I made the Santa head and thought it may fit the paper doll body but it just didn't look right so made a paper doll Santa. Oh easy but no I had to be difficult. I had cut the clothes out so the Santa would be around 24 inches high then I realised I needed to cut out the paper doll base. I enlarged the paper doll base and found that the arms and legs didn't fit the 12 inch wide mat so with gypsy's help I rotated the image and cut it in 2 halves so my Santa is 24 inches tall well he is actually a bit taller than that but I do think he is cute. I used a silver ink pad to ink the edges and I love the effect of him hung. We don't have a fireplace in the loung so I hung him by the TV. The face is an adaption of the paper doll faces by Bonnie the links are at the top of my blog.

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