Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lions and tigers and bears Oh NO!

Hunter in red clothing

deer in the trees, boy fishing

the hunter with his red clothing and gun slung over his shoulder

boy by the rocks fishing fish in the lake

back of the cake deer hiding behind trees

Different views of the cake.

My wonderful Son in Law Jarred's birthday was Friday an as he turned 30 they had a party. My daughter decide to tell me very late Friday night that he didn't have a cake!!!!! Could I make one and gave me the recipie for a mudcake. Now I have never made a mud cake except when I was real small and they were actually made from mud! Well she gave me a wonderful recipie that she said was a never fail one. it came complete with directions for the icing as well. So after going to town to get the ingredients I came home and 'whipped up a chocolate mud cake' actually it went really well and the cake tuened out beautiful. It actually tasted nice as well. While it was cooking I thought of the design I needed to do for Jed. A real kiwi bloke he loves hunting and fishing and although we tease him about his bambi shooting he does love his hunting. On this theme I decided to do some 3d trees deer fish and a hunter and fisherman. Well now if this was in paper it wouldn't have been so bad but having said I would do a cricut weekend and having a Cake I thought I would do it all in fondant with the Cricut Cake. Well roll out the fondant and really that went well as well as getting it on the mat. I cut the 3d trees, the deer, the hunter, the fish and the little boy fishing then left them to dry which I did think they would do fairly quickly but I hadn't bargined on the day being so hot. Well to cut a long story short I glued the trees together with sugar glue poked the deer in the mud round the trees made a lake from the blue fondant I made and put the fish in it stood the hunter by one of the trees and voila it was done! (well not quite that easy but yep it was done)


  1. Hi Flo,
    I loved your post and my cake partner and I have just got our Cricut Cake... What on earth is your secret for getting beautiful cuts on your fondant? Do you dry it overnight? Put in gumpaste? We need help :(
    Thanks (you are awesome)

  2. Hi Cel I sent you an email but I think maybe there is a secret to the fondant and I only realised today as I tried to roll it onto the mat. Had it soft enought to roll and it just would not stick then out came the presser that is in the cricut tool kit, not sure of its real name but it smooths icing and fondant etc and what I do is press the fondant onto the mat and sort of spread it with the presser and this makes it stick to the mat I have no air bubbles and it presses or smooths the fondant till it is really thin. HTH's