Thursday, December 23, 2010

Box on Imagine Snow Angel Cartridge

This is such a cute little box But if you look at this pic carefully you can see the bleed area is inside the cut area. for those of you who are unsure what I am talking about it means that there is a white area inside the cut. It improves if you set the Imagine to have no bleed area. Check the pic at the below I have red dotted lines where I think it should be cut and cut like this it goes together well.

This pic shows where the cut area should be and in the box I completed at the top I reset the settings to custom Border prefs =0 and then my triming was just to make the diagnonal lines meet the horozontal ones. I made the first box at 4inches and the box turned out 1 1/2 inches high the one pictured at the top is made at 9 inches and the box turns out 3 1/2 inches high.

Even with tweeking this box it is still sooo cute. I haven't added the tags to it yet. I note there are the same taga as on the side of the box but have yet to work out the size that these would need to be made.

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