Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sign for hubby

Well DH came in this morning and said he wanted a sign and could that 'machine' of mine do one. It needed to be big enough for employees to see the emergency phone number. Currently the employees have the phone number written in size 12 font on an A4 sheet of paper in the office. DH felt it needed to be bigger incase there was an emergency. Remember this is only at this specific airport and is for any emergencies happening there. The phone is manned by personell 24/7 and they respond from within and phone the emergency through to any other emergency services they require. The board was produced by DH this morning with what needed to go on it.

This is the first time I have used vinal on the cricut. I cut the lettering from Cake Basics cart as it has a really great lettering font. I tried on the last part to do the 'kiss the vinal' method and that worked but it was easy enough to cut out the letters and peel the backing off and position the letters. I was quite worried about using the vinal with all that has been said about cutting it and placing it but found it was simple if you spent a little time. I didn't use the paper to stick it to just peeled off the backing and carefully positioned it. This would have been much harder if it had been an intricate pattern.

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