Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cards for Julia

I entered a card swap and Julia was my partner. I had to make her 3 christmnas cards. oh easy except Julia is the queen of card making so it was hard to come up with something she might say wow to. Well here they are:
this first one has 3 squares inside each other and 1/2 of each is glued to the side of the card. the left side of the outter and inner squares and the right side of the middle square. Simple it sounds- try it.
the next one is a box card. Now this is not so simple the folding is the easy when you work out how variety and of course I couldn't leave it plain so I made the inside pop out the tree pops out from the back and the snowflakes dangle and sway in the breeze.

Now the last one is simple on the outside just a corner punch around the page type of runner and the inside is a popup helf and pop out trees and of course the penguins made from punch art.
the penguins are supposed to be jumping off the land into the sea where there is an island. What a wonderful imagination I have! but that is the story behind the cards.

and yes Julia did like them!

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