Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wedding Anniversary Cake

Well I was on the Cricut site again today and someone had done a card that had a pop up centre. These have not really lit my fire till I saw the one today and went and had a look at the web site of a person who is so incredibily talented it is amazing. Check out the things he does with paper. This is oragami to the nth degree.

Anyway as you can download these things from the website I thought I would give it a go to make a wedding cake card. OMG I always hated origami because I couldn't do it and now I'm trying this!! Well it's just as well I don't swear too much and have a lot of patience as this is not as easy as it looks. It would be easier the second time round when you know which bits go where! But I did it!! The card id done!!!!


  1. Fabulous! It doesn't look at all easy. I can imagine how difficult it was to put together but it turned out beautifully!