Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My sister seemed really down so I made her a card and wrote her a poem. (I've dicovered popup cards). I then sent her a stb (squishy top box) with the tree and autumn poem and in the botom of the box is 4 speciality chocolates. As well I added an angel to look after her, hence the mention in the poem. Because the box looked so bare I made a 3d flower and put it on the top of the box and so it didn't get squished I made a little box from hard plastic and covered it and this is what you can see on the top of the box. Then it looked like it needed more so I added ladybugs and butterflies so it flew to her real fast.
My Poem for Madge

Madge I feel for you, not feeling great
And wish I could be with you, in less hours than eight
But know that I think of you, all of the time
And hence I am writing you, this little rhyme.

I made a squishy top box, cause I could
And I have put something in it, that’s good
I’ve also added, an angel to care
Simply cause, I can’t be there.

Now know that I love you, and think of you lots
Cause you’re usually the one, calling the shots.
Now you can look at my blog, to see what I do
Now you have to go, and make a blog too.

By Flo Hill-Rennie

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