Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bird house with eclips controller

I got the cartridge called Albums bags and Boxes 2 for the eclips as I love 3d paper crafting. Well having used my Eclips with the Ecal software and having a ecraft with ecraft-pro and the family of Cricuts' with Cricut design Studio, CCR and the gypsy, I have I just assumed that I would be able to access the cartridge via the machine in the Ecal software. OOOPs not so! so I had to do a swift learning curve on how to use the controller. Well on the premise that if you push enough buttons enough times something is bound to happen I finally got control of the controller. Now for those of you who don't know the Eclips the controller is a gadget that you put your cartridge in and can pick from the cartridge what you want to cut. It is a very clever little gadget and you can select the size height or width you want to cut but it gives you the ideal from their point of view. Well I wanted to do the bird house which turned out quite easy. It is a little box and you can open the lid and close it again so it will make a lovely cute box for Easter eggs and little birds. Wanting to play with my Stampin Up stamp that is a wood grain background I inked the stamp and laid the bird house sides onto it. which gave me the wood grain lines. The Eclips cuts the scallops in the roof and I just inked these to give it some definition. I love that it is a real box that can open and close.

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