Monday, October 3, 2011

My Slippers

Well after ending up in hospital with an infection in both my knee wounds I have been on IV antibotics and they are getting better and I am hoping to go home later today. Now I have these slippers that I bought some years ago and thought that where I was going on holiday the people would love them but they didn't like them and gave me the impression they thought I was stupid so I had put them away. Well my darling GD found them and pulled them out just a couple of days before I came to hospital so when I need DH to bring up some slippers I knew just where these ones were. DGD loves them and surprizingly they have been a great hit opening conversaton on the ward with other patients and the staff where I work thought they were sooo cute. No one has made me feel stupid for wearing them and they have started many a conversation. One of my work colleagues wanted a pic but didn't have her phone so tonight as I sit here I thought I would take a pic with my phone.

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  1. HAHA! Love the slippers too! You can never go wrong with bunny slippers no matter what anybody says! Hope you feel better and maybe you could check out my blog sunset?