Monday, April 19, 2010

Get Well soon

A good friend is not so well so I have made her this card. Thank goodness for the gypsy. I used multiple carts. Doodle Charms lady bug, gyspy wanderings leaves, WIMG pot and ladybug, AE flowers, sentimentals bee, home decore more leaves. the flowers are put together three together and then an eyelet through the centre. the flower petals have been glitter glued or stickled. the sentiments are done with spellbinders nestabilities and stamped with a variety of stamps. My card was sort of the gift as when you open the card it stands up like a pot of flowers so I made a small card as well the sentiment inside is from SU If nothing ever changed there would be no butterflies" I stamped it with butterflies and used spellbinders to make the outside and used ribbon to compliment the front.
Well no card is complete without an envelope but it just didn't fit so I made a box. I have been practicing an origami type method where most of it is folded and crossed this with boxmaking from crafters companion and decided on the size and made it. the difference with this box is that the sides are folded over making it a bit stronger. I made the bottom first them added about 3/8-1/2 inch for the lid and it worked out quite well. I used a pretty paper for the top and a plain paper for the bottom. A double sided paper would also look good but what I did was put the lid under the box so the inside was coloured and the lid showed on the outside and then stood the card up inside the box. It worked out well and the 3d effect looked good.
My cards always have hidden meanings the flowers are a gift they are pretty and colourful, the lady bugs are the "get well bug" and the butterfly for the flight to wellness. The bee to bee better soon.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Angela's birthday

for Angela a bag for her birthday, Bag from TBBM lettering from BL frame from another cart. TGF gypsy.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Lisa

Lisa is the daughter of a friend and went to school with my daughter and they went to pony club together. Alough they both still ride Lisa does Jousting so for her birthday card I decided to do this card for her. EDPD comes to the fore again with the little people and the horse and the arches. the tree is from another cart but can't remember which one as I used the tree on another card and for this I used the outline and sponged the tree through using it as a stensil. It looked a bit bare so I stamped it as well. the footprints are a roll stamp from a wombat footprint and the for you and HB stamps are from SU.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy easter to clients and staff

Well easter is here and although eggs are not supposed to be till Sunday I wasn't going to see these people on Sunday so I decided to make some easter baskets and take them into work for the clients and the staff. Each basket is about 2 inches high and has just one very small egg. The cut is from cricut TBBM and the handle is made from curling ribbon which nicely held in place poked through the little handle holes in the box cut. The stamp is from stampin up. All but one I decorated as the above ones but one for a special client who was allowed to go out for several hours I attached 2 of my paper dolls one a nurse and one a doctor. The theory being he could now go out on leave as he had a doctor and a nurse to look after him.