Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy easter to clients and staff

Well easter is here and although eggs are not supposed to be till Sunday I wasn't going to see these people on Sunday so I decided to make some easter baskets and take them into work for the clients and the staff. Each basket is about 2 inches high and has just one very small egg. The cut is from cricut TBBM and the handle is made from curling ribbon which nicely held in place poked through the little handle holes in the box cut. The stamp is from stampin up. All but one I decorated as the above ones but one for a special client who was allowed to go out for several hours I attached 2 of my paper dolls one a nurse and one a doctor. The theory being he could now go out on leave as he had a doctor and a nurse to look after him.

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  1. Hi Flo! That is so nice of you to make them and give them to your clients and staff. You have a Happy Easter!