Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cherry on Top Blog award

Today I received an email from someone following my blog:
"Hi there, I follow your blog and I was awarded a blog award button for 'beautiful blogs with that little bit extra'. Part of the criteria for accepting the reward is to share it with 5 blogs I love. I chose your blog as one of my five."
I didn't have to accept this button but I feel very proud that someone has thought of me when they received this button and I am proud to accept it and chose 5 blogs I love to pass it to as well. The talented lady who chose me is Redonna and her blog is here after you have cruised around my blog pop on over and see hers. Thank you Redonna for making me feel special.
The criteria for accepting this is:

Okay, so to use and to share this award, here are the rules:
Thank the Award giver [check]
copy award to your blog [check]
list three things you love about yourself [check]
1. I try hard to be a positive person
2. I love doing crafts and being able to give them to people to see their reactions.
3. I love to make people feel better, both physically and psychologically.
Post a picture you love [check] (see below - this is a picture I took when sitting on the terrace in the summer, I love that I got the bee in focus.)
The five blogs I chose are:
1. Cards, Scrapin and stuff
2. Julias cards
3. Sweetheart Cards
4. Crafting with Tia
5 Stamp Creatively Lyn Fox

This is my Bee pic taken from my terrace. The bush is just off the terrace and I was given it for my 50th birthday (and its still alive!) It is now about 4 feet tall and has brilliant yellow flowers in the summer. I love that the bee is in focus.