Monday, August 30, 2010

Limited Supply Challenge

On opening my email I saw a Limited supply challenge. I love a challenge! Earlier tonight I made a recipe apron and looking at the criteria I thought this would be a great to see if I could do it with the limited supply challenge. Criteria-Create a card or project that contains only the following items and no others,
one neutral colour for your card base white ivory black brown or craft
2 different colours of card stock
1 patterned paper
3 buttons
1 colour ribbon
as little or as many images as you like.
well I used white for the base cardstock then an inside layer of old olive and used a SU DSP for the front of the apron. The rose pink cardstock I used for the frill at the bottom the top of the pocket and the sentiment. I used folders of old olive with stamps to show what is in each folder.


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  2. From a fellow NZ'er, I found your blog on the cricut messageboards, and I love the apron idea. I am giving recipe books, handmade and painted aprons and have a wonderful book which has great dry ingredient recipes to put into stunning jars as my christmas gifts, and these would make the perfect cards. Do you have instructions for this and the really interesting exploding style box card?

    Thanks so much for sharing