Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Well I'm not sure if anyone has thought of this before but I needed to emboss the dragons onto the outside of my envelopes and I needed a way to do it. I have a friskers embossing plate which is a solid plastic plate that has 2 pieces of plastic on it both with the same cut outs. You slide your paper in between the 2 pieces of plastic and go round the edge with the embossing tool. Which is an awl with a round blunt end. So not letting anything go to waste I used the plastic from the cart packages put my 2 dino's up on the DS, placed my plastic on the cutting mat then chose 6 for the blade and max for the pressure and high speed and used the cut 4 times. I them carefully extracted the little dino's and used the outlines. By placing one over the other and lining them up then I held them together with a hole punch and pegs. I then put my paper between the plastic and used the awl to outline them.

Check this out. This is my firt trial so things should get better. yellow pic is trial the next is the envelope I made with the dragons on the back. next is to cuttlebug it


  1. Can't wait to see when you cuttlebug it. Looks good. TFS

  2. I love to organize and love scrapbooking. This company puts the two together!