Monday, May 18, 2009

I've done it! 8 cards for a card swap

I have been working and working and I have finally finished the cards for a card swap. I did have a problem with the little lady and the dragon so I had to move her in some cards. The theme is oriental and I love dragons so I chose to write a poem on dragons, the pop up picture developed from there. The tree and the kimono lady pop up and the dragon has a blue jewel eye and I've used pop up dots of 2mm for the dragon the flower and the wee dragons on the inside of the card which hold the poem. On the outside of the card I have writen a verse and encased it in a frame.
The Poem
I’m just a wee little dragon
I don’t blow smoke or fire
I just want to protect you
From all things in life that are dire.

Dragons of the orient
Have a very kindly bent
Its walking, sleeping and breathing they say
Determines; seasons and weather, night and day.

Oriental mythical dragons could fly
Even without wings
They had the power to shape shift
Into many things.

The dragons of the orient
To the people were benevolent
All the bad things they would chase
To make the people world a happier place.

Now in this card are dragons
They don’t blow smoke or fire
They are here to protect your friendships
So your friendships never expire.
By Flo Hill-Rennie


  1. Wow Flo...these are beautiful....and a lot of work....You can tell how much work went into these cards...Excellent...TFS

  2. What a fantastic card for a swap, the recipients are VERY lucky.