Friday, March 2, 2012

Vinyl Sign

Our local Playcentre needed a sign for one of their sponsors. Te Puna Motors donates money to the Playcentre for their fundraising. They asked if the Playcentre would errect a sign for them on their fence and the Playcentre agreed. Problem came when there was not enough money left to do a sign and no one to do it. My darling granddaughter now goes to Playcentre so my dubious talents were volunteered by my daughter.We had an old board outside and I checked if it was ok to use. Scrubbing it down (no it is still not really that clean) but I set about thinking how to kiss cut vinyl on my cricut to do a sign. I have done this only once before and although it worked well haven't done this big a project before. Te Puna Motors new business card reads Te Puna Motors in blue and under it in grey is guaranteed workmanship, on the left is a car. I have tried to replicate their business card but with a slight twist as the car comes from the cricut cart Cars and the font is from Nates ABC's. I am sure some of the kids will recognise the car. At the very bottom I have put my little bit on it as well. In the pic it looks a bit wonky but it looks really good IRL. I love the little butterflys and although it took a long time to take all the bits out they are so pretty.
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