Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I have not blogged for a bit as I have been unwell and ended up in hospital again having IV antibiotics. That is my third time in hospital in four months so I hope that when they say things happen in threes I have had my 3. Well enough -Look at this cute little cone I cut from Cricut Cartridge "Cake Everyday Sampler" As this is a compliation cartridge this cut is also on "Tie the Knot" as well.

On this cart there is a 1/4 circle that is scalloped and when I cut it, it makes a cone shape. Oh wow that is fantastic as I was looking for something just like this. Well I cut it at 4 inches and glued the side to make the cone. Then it has 2 little holes that just beconed to have ribbon threaded through them and this could be used to hang the cone but I thought it would look cute with a lid so out came an SU punch the scallop circle 2 3/8 and yep it was just right to make a lid so I put 2 little holes in it and tied the lid to the cone with ribbon.

Now as we all know you have to have a tag or 2 so I decided to make "thanks so much" as a tag from Cricut "Tear Drop" Well this cut out the words in the tag so I cut a background but then of course I had the words that had been cut out as well so not wanting to be wasteful I made a 2nd tag with the cut out words. Now I cut this at about 2 inches high so the actual letter stroke width is about 1-1.5mm. now I can usually chage my measurements to inches but 1.5mm is about 1/16th inch so it is very thin. But I managed to glue it with the trusty zig 2 way and then fill the cone with Hershey's kisses.

A nice way of saying Thank you without a card.

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  1. gustaron mucho tus creaciones.. espero puedas pasar por mi blog.. cuidate mucho bye!