Monday, February 7, 2011

In Memory of Ebony

I had to have my cat Ebony (Ebi) put down as he had broken his back. Ebony came to live with us when he was just 4 weeks old and a fluffy ball. Trying to decide on a name I said he was as black as ebony. That then became his name. He was a very loving cat and purred very loudly and when I wasn't well would plonk himself on the part of me that was sore wether it be my chest or my knees. He was often a heavy weight although he was not a heavy cat but his purring would generally make whatever part of me that hurt feel better. I believe it is called resonance treatment. Some years ago we realised he had seizures and although they shook him he was ok after them so we just kept going and hoped that he would not fall off something high when he had one. Well Ebony has been getting older, he was 18 now, and before christmas I took him to the vet to find out what was wrong as he was looking very sad. After x-ray and a though check over it was found that he was constipated as he had arthritis so badly in his back and hip that he couldn't sit properly to poop. Well some laxatives and some pain relief and he felt like a young cat again climbing all over everything. This may have been his demise as we believe thinking he could climb anywhere he had climbed onto the china cabnet had a seizure and fallen and in the fall broken his back. He did not meow he just sat in front of the fire place and did not move. for 3 days I fought with myself to take him to the vet but finally got the courage to find that messages to go to his brain but not back he had completly broken his back and it was time for him to go to a place where he would no longer be sore. I stayed with him as the vet shaved is leg and anserted the needle and he purred to the very last. The vet put him in a lovely box casket with flowers for me to bring him home and my darling hubby dug a place for him under the big tree outside our lounge. Ebi did love resting in the garden. RIP Ebony.

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