Saturday, June 12, 2010

Judys diaper Cake 1 of 3

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Judys Diaper Cake or click this pic

The diaper cake for Judy. the fairy godmothers are from HEA the arch is an unwound coathanger so I could attach the fairies. 3 layers of diapers rolled and ribboned. the babies are from EDPD's and I have used them to crawl round the ribbon. Placed on a large cryatal plate round the base is the fairies wishes for my granddaughter and daughter "Make all your wishes come true" from doodletype. the fairies are layers on the charm base so I could hang them and I have layered both sides of the fairies so they can be viewed from both sides by flipping the layers. Once done I needed sparkle so I used glitter and added glitter to the fairies. The pics don't show it as well as it looked but she loved it and so did I.

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