Monday, May 24, 2010

Cup cake holder

this is a cup cake holder and I'm practicing for the baby shower. It is done on the cricut with instructions from punch art Tuesday from the swap sisters blog


  1. My goodness flo, I just came to your blog, via your post on mine, this cupcake holder is to die for!

  2. Hi Flo can't believe it! I was on your site when I first bought my cricut and was last year and had a good look around as I was interested because you are from New Zealand. Now a face to the email. Now I know why you are excited and yes I do see we have a lot in common (agewise, cake decorating, cricut and learning more.) Tauranga is a place we talked about going to live and it would be close enough to my daughter and two lovely grand children but not close enough to be a fulltime babysitter. lol Must go through your old posts and check them out. When I have time.
    Something I don't know how to do is blog. How sad is that?