Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Melanie

I needed to make a card for my step granddaughter and decided it would look much nicer if it had something to go with it. I decided to make a bag after looking at a blog and I love the BTB&M cart. I also like the swirly font of LL and loved the flower frame and flower cause they looked nice. with the card I used the cupcake from doodle charms (just love that one) it looked lonely so I added the happy birthdays and the 20 sticker and painted in the candle glow with sparklie paint. the brads made it look like it had ( hundreds and thousands (not sure what you call them in US but they are tiny sprinkles which are like balls.) On the inside of the card I needed to conceal the ends of the ribbon and so I embossed the white and then as it looked so plain I added the frame from LL. on the right inside the card I used LL to do the words. for the bag I cut it at11.5 inches wide it is 18inches long and used the 12x24 mat and paper. Used a complementary paper and the matching ribbon to add dimension to the card. the front needed something so I added the flower from LL and then added brads and bows. the last pic shows the heart that is made up od beads and stones which I gave as a present but this was what started the co-ordination of the colours.

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  1. very cool Flo - I did see these on CF love the colours your've used.