Sunday, May 15, 2016

Pumpkin favor box by Dreaming Tree (Kitty box)

This is the "Pumpkin Favor Bag from Dreaming Tree. It is a free file so check out my affiliate link here. I made the first one and he was cute. Then I decided to play around with him and make him smaller. I did, the striped one is 3.75 inches. I decided to do print and cut on the Cricut Explore and used an animal print from JT (an Imagine cartridge). His eyes were cute but Jess Slater made these very cute eyes and I thought these would make it even more cute. I flattened the eyes to a print and then attached them to the cat box base. I had a bit of a hiccup because I had forgotten to change the scoring lines to score and when I attached them to the base they disappeared. It sorted itself once I had them as scoring lines. I also added little paws to the striped one. I have added whiskers to the orange one and since photographing I have also added them to the striped one. They are super cute and I can see making more.

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Doves Cascade Card - Dreaming Tree

This is the doves cascade  card from Dreaming Tree. I used Sweet leaf green and crystal blue as the accent colour. I embossed the panels and then sanded them to produce the white effect on the panels.

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Foxy Lady

This is the little 3d animal head from the access (subscription) in Cricut. It is so cute. The eyes I made are from Jess Slater wwho made these lovely eyes and put them into an svg. Don't they look so cute on the little foxy lady.
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Monday, May 2, 2016

Hydrangea Box from Dreaming Tree

love the file from Dreaming Tree called Love you mum bundle. I have made the first project from the 3 and wanted to put it up. So here are the photos of the Hydrangea boxes. They are about 4 inches high in the box so can hold a packet of seeds or bulbs. Check out the file here. I used glue dots to put the pearls onto the flowers and then again to put the flowers onto the balls. As I had a nice pattern on my paper I used in the tray I didn't use the layer for the tray

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