Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shrink Plastic on the Imagine

This is again using the Imagine to cut shrink plastic and make litle Shrinkies.  The pics don't look in good focus but at least you can see how small they became. They were cut at 3 inches for the square shapes and at 1.5 for the strawberries. If you click the pics to make them enlarge you will see them a bit clearer. The video is how I did them but I am not up to much editing so I couldn't take the sound out. The Imagine has the deep cut blade set at 5 I will try it at 6 and also see if changing the multicut to 4 makes a difference. The shrink plastic I used was Grafix and although it is supposed to be clear it is actually frosted not clear at all. The Celcast one I used was clear but they have been taken over by another company who no longer produces the clear shrink film.
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Window Cling film and the Imagine

I put these Window cling Images on my freezer as that is where my DGD will see them as they will be at here hight. I found in my stash some Window Cling so decided to try it with the Cricut Imagine and it works really well. The freezer is white so you can see them well on it, not sure how well they will show up on a window and they seem to want to be stuck to the outside of the window. Maybe now I have done them should read the instructions.
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Playing with the Imagine and shrink plastic

Shrink plastic has always been fun to play with but it is even more fun with the Cricut Imagine. I have been trying out shapes and things these turned out very small and not very good as I didn't get the cut right at first, but I can see me having so much fun with this. The pics are not great but the first one shows an AA battery to show their size.
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Monday, April 23, 2012

Top Note die Box

Another awesome tutorial from CraftersAnonymous.   This is a little box we made and decorated.
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Friday, April 20, 2012

Easter basket for Dee

One of the people who should have received an Easter basket didn't receive it and when chatting on the Thursday after Easter she was somewhat disappointed. I said don't worry I will send you one so I commenced this and sent it the next day. 
I used the Cricut Imagine Tags Bags Boxes and more 2 cartridge to make the cup and saucer and then colour added with the Imagine, the lattice basket was made from cricut cardstock which is 2 shades of Purple D's favourite colour. The card was made with the better together cartridge and the words edited in CCR.
The cup & the basket I filled with chocolate eggs. and of course had to add the chocolatte drinks.

I added purple ribbon to the basket and purple bling to the areas on the lattice and onto the handle.

I also added her a poem.
For Dee

I’m sad your Easter goodies didn’t arrive
But here’s a few things to help you survive.
There’s a basket and chocies, A handbag for you
Some are in purple as I know you love that colour too.

The card is a special one to go with the cup
And the chocolatte is cause you probably feel ‘fed up’
You put so much effort in all that you do
You don’t expect that others don’t too.

So to complete this funny little rhyme
I have spent a little time
To make for you just a few little things
And hope that this parcel travels with wings
                                                           By Flo Hill-Rennie

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Lantern box and Card

Colour changing Tea Light Lantern

This is the lantern made with the petal cone die but using 3 of them. The base is clear plastic which has been glittered and butterflies stuck on the inside and flower stickers on the outside. The tray under it contains chocies and a little bird nest. The lantern bird house is elevated on a small platform to come up above the chocolate. The card is made from matching papers and using a SU sentiment from Easter blooms. This is an Easter swap at CAglitter -