Monday, March 29, 2010


12x24 card. withsome of the things hes done. using stamps, cricut cuts and stickers

Sunday, March 21, 2010

sentimentals card

This is a card from sentimentals the fold is a little different so I used the one side to make a pop up card and the other flap to add something you may like to give ie a gift card etc.

this is another little card with the button on the front and the threaded ribbon it is so cute and the sentiment is lovely.

This is a cute little back pack that you can put small items in as a present it would be real cute. Both the top and the little bag on the front open.

Tauranga SU an explosion box

This is a wee explosion box which holds one easter egg. I tyhink it is so cute and a very inexpensive presie to give to people for easter.

Tauranga SU day

Another card made at the SU day. Loved the reflection and learning how to do it

March Tauranga SU day

20th March and there were 50 people doing cards and projects of all shapes at the St John church hall. My friend Julia from Auckland came down for it and was one of the demonstrators. Here are 4 little cards they are about 3 inches square and are so cute for gift tags.

The end to 2009 Liam came to visit

Well its 2010 and its March and the year is going so fast I am having trouble catching up with myself. we had our son and daughter-in-law bring our grandson out in December for christmas so we were able to see him and what a cutie he is. I am bias of course but he is a delight and loved the little swing that grandad put up in the tree outside the lounge.

He also had a go at driving.